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Sport - Date: 26 November 2010

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After selling the franchise for Limpopo United to a Phalaborwa business consortium at the beginning of this season, the former marketing manager of the club, Mr Takalani Rabali, urged the team’s enthusiastic fans not to despair, saying they would soon come back with a precious gift for them.

After selling the team’s franchise, Rabali bought another Vodacom Promotional League status in Gauteng. Rabali was quoted at the time as saying that their reason for selling the franchise of Limpopo United was because it was realized that gaining promotion to the National First Division in the Limpopo Stream was like a camel going through the eye of a needle.

This after Limpopo United finished their league programme in second position for two seasons in a row.

After buying the new Vodacom Promotional League franchise early this season, Rabali said his new team, Blackpool FC, would come back to Limpopo province and the Tshikombani Stadium in particular, once they have gained promotion to the National First Division (NFD).

A look at the performance of Blackpool shows that what Rabali has promised his fans is most likely to become a reality, come the end of the season. Blackpool are currently leading the Gauteng stream of the Vodacom Promotional League with 26 points, three ahead of Highlands Park.

In an interview with Mirror early this week, Rabali indicated that their aim was to maintain the current form until the end of the season and ultimately take part in the promotional play-off matches. He reiterated the fact that Blackpool will change their base to Nzhelele, once their anticipation of gaining promotion to the National First Division becomes a reality.


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