Principal arrested for rape

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27 February 2012


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A 48-year-old school principal was arrested last Sunday (19/02) on a charge of raping a 13-year-old pupil. The suspect, a principal at a primary school in the Vuwani district, is accused of raping the girl in January this year.

The alleged incident was only discovered now, after the mother had found out about her daughter's affair with the principal. She noticed that the principal's name appeared on her cell phone when the principal was calling her daughter. The mother then went to her daughter's friend, who confirmed that the principal was her daughter's boyfriend.

After the mother had interrogated her daughter, she confirmed that indeed she was having an affair with the principal. According to the police report, the girl confirmed that the principal had had sex with her in the back of his car on 16 January this year along the Masia road.

The spokesperson for the Vuwani police, W/O Elijah Malatjie, confirmed that the principal had been arrested. He said that the principal allegedly gave the girl R60 after the incident. "We have opened a case of rape," said Malatjie.

The suspect briefly appeared before the Vuwani Magistrate on Monday and the case was postponed to 28 February for a bail application. The girl is a learner at the same school where the suspect is a principal.

When contacted for comment, the provincial spokesperson for the department of education, Mr Pat Kgomo, said that he had heard about the allegation and had already sent a team to the school to investigate the matter.  "It is obvious that the principal will be suspended if he happens to be found guilty," he said.

Kgomo added that the principal would, however, be given an opportunity to state his defence during a hearing. He also stressed that the department was disappointed about the allegations.

The principal, who is also a pastor at the God Devine Appointment Christian Centre, remains in custody.

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I know that all those who are accused of criminal actitivies  are presumed innocent until proven others, but those teachers who see our kids at schools as their sexual victims they must be removed. I am totally agaisnt any form of harrasement including sexual abuse agaisnt women and children. Hope that you will keep us informed about this case. 

ZA Nthambeleni Gabara - 2012-02-27 10:53:33

Principal in court for rape

13 June 2008 By Elmon Tshikhudo
News: A well-known educator and principal of a primary school in the Masisi area appeared briefly at the Mutale Magistrate's Court for a formal bail application. His appearance is a sequel to an incident last week that happened at Tshikuyi Village in the Masisi area, where a 14-year-old girl was allegedly raped.

Samson Tshidino (54), principal at Domboni Primary School, of Masisi RDP houses appeared in court after he was charged with the alleged rape of a 14-year-old school girl, who is a learner at Tshikundamalema Secondary School.

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