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Richard Rambau launches three books

Entertainment - Date: 22 April 2019

Written by: Mbulaheni Ridovhona / Viewed: 2504


A local author from Mailaskop, Richard Rambau, recently launched three books at the Alexandra Atrec Sports Centre in Gauteng.

The books are: I have discovered a witch; Women, be wise; and The story behind the glory.

He said that I have discovered a witch is about liberating people from the wrong mentality of always thinking that their failure is a direct result of someone’s bewitching them.

Women, be wise is about revealing that women do not take men into consideration. "It is an eye-opening book and a call to all women to start rescuing themselves from issues that affect their happiness. It also provides advice to women on how they can overcome their challenges and live to their full potential," he added.

The story behind the glory is all about his life. "In it I share my painful past that shaped my destiny. I also share the lessons I have learnt over the years that helped me to become the man I am," he said.

In 2018, he launched his debut book, Pathways to a greater success. "I aim to educate people about issues of life that they have been struggling to overcome and to liberate them from challenges that are life-threatening. I want to reach everyone on the globe," he said.

He is encouraging people to use their talents. "We are living in times where life is not guaranteed. No one knows what will happen tomorrow. Whatever dream that you have, make sure you work on achieving it today. Remember that you are not here permanently. If you don't fulfil your purpose now, no one else will do it for you. Let away excuses and start working on fulfilling your God-given purpose. Live full and die empty," he said.

Those interested in the books can phone him on 082 755 0703 or 072 197 4592 or write to

Author Richard Rambau.



Mbulaheni Ridovhona

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