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Municipal status for Malamulele?

News - Date: 20 August 2012

Written by: Elmon Tshikhudo / Viewed: 21093


Residents of Malamulele and surrounding villages sighed with relief after being told that their problems will receive urgent attention.

This was after they had spoken in one voice that they wanted nothing less than municipal status, accusing the local Thulamela Municipality of neglecting them in terms of service delivery.

This transpired during a meeting at the Malamulele Stadium last Monday afternoon, where they were addressed by the Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Mr Richard Baloyi. Baloyi said he had visited several villages falling under traditional leaders and he was shown projects like water purification schemes. He also had the chance to see for himself the state of the roads in some of the villages.

He added that he had had time to talk to some officials, who promised that some of the projects would be finished soon, while some were still facing challenges. In his address, Baloyi covered issues like the provision of water and poor road infrastructure.

A community leader, Dr Wisani Nkuna, said the minister's speech had covered everything they were concerned about and that they should wait for the minister to come back as he had promised to investigate their concerns and to come back before the end of September.

In an interview, Nkuna said the residents had done some research, which revealed that Malamulele qualified to be a municipality on its own. He said they had engaged in discussions with the demarcation board about the issue on several occasions, but nothing had come of it.

“We are happy that the Minister touched on issues that are pertinent to our hearts. Our demand is based on facts. Malamulele has enough wards, with a population of well over 500 000. It has a solid economic base, with many business avenues that could be explored, and it can stand on its own,” he said.


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  • Avatar
    hlulani mitileni 6 years ago

    vaaka tiko vaka malamulele vana malunghelo yakuva va kuma vukorhokeri lebyi byi pfapfarhutiweke eka vumbiwa bya tiko rerhu. vukorhokeri kahari ntlhotlho lowu kulu eka vaka tiko vaka malamulele. miganga yaka malamulele yo tala ya yona yile hansi swinenene, loko munhu ata hi patu ro punda maria a jikela eka nkavele xikontiri se swiendla ingaku rina mikova, mati nawona aya kona, vahu vafanele va famba ti kilomitara to hlaya nyana kuya lava mati. leswi loko kuri hava va faneleke vaya rhumisa mimovha kuya vaxavela mati. mapatu yofana na miganaga ya hala ka magona, maxobye, nkovani, makhuvele na mafenya aya fambeki hikwalaho ka ku vaviseka ka mapatu leswi tekelaka va va tisi va vukorhokeri kuta swilangutisa. loko swita ka mitirho, switika ngopfu ku kuma mutsonga waka malamulele ari eka xitulu xale henhla, eswikolweni vadyondisi iva vhenda, hiswona ahi tshameni swinwe kambe hina vaaka tiko hiti lavela masipala lowu nga tahi nyika vukorhokeri. vuxokoxoko bya ti bursary taku ya swikolweni kusuka eka masipala ti kumiwa hiva vhenda tsena. ani tshembhi kuri hiswona leswi mfuma wa namutlha upfumelelanaka na swona. loko ulava swinwana eka masipala ufanekele u hakela mali leyi ringanaka R60 kuya eka masipala. eka ndzawulo yaxikaya nakona loko uya lava swinwana vatapfa vaku byela ku hundela vhenda, mali yakona kasi hoyi cela kunene na. mfumo awu hi langutisi hi mahlo ya mbiri hiku hirinwe awu nge voni swotala 

  • Avatar
    musabaloyi 6 years ago

    It's funny that all the district municipalities in Limpopo have 5 or more local municipalities but Vhembe has 4 and we're sitting here trying to decide whether it's ok to have a municipality in Malamulele! Swa rivala a swi orhi ndzilo himpela!


    Greater GiyaniGreater LetabaGreater TzaneenBa-PhalaborwaMaruleng








    Ephraim MogaleElias MotsoalediMakhuduthamagaFetakgomoGreater Tubatse

  • Avatar
    musabaloyi 6 years ago

    "Before the renaming of Limpopo Province in 2002, the name Vhembe was submitted to the Limpopo
    legislature as one of the desired name for the new Province but the
    majority of the members of the Legislature voted against the name Vhembe in favour of the name Limpopo." For the sake of Vhembe!

  • Avatar
    musabaloyi 6 years ago

    Ha yi lava municipality ka Malamulele, yona yeyiya ya Levubu-Shingwedzi.

    ya ririmi yi na xiave xi kulu hi nga tixisi. Vembe va yi vumbe hi
    muxaka lowu hiku va lava ku twarisa Xivhenda, futhe va ri i tiko ra vona
    ra khale.

    Mina a ndzi ye kaya hi Sep 2010, tibazi ta ka
    Maswanganyi ti tsariwe "Shumela Venda". Ka Malamulele ku tirha Mavhenda
    ntsena. I find myself smiling uncontrollably if a Venda cashier in
    Malamulele speaks Xitsonga. Thohoyandou u nge kumi Mutsonga na un'we,
    handle ka lavo xavisa
    mapatwini. Malamulele Crossings i tender ya Muvhenda.

    The way I
    see it is that if people are living in an area, they should use it to
    uplift themselves. There's nothing logical about uplifting residents
    from Venda.

    They have an elephant and pot (khuwani) statue in
    Thohoyandou. That money could've been used for something more important.
    There's been hearsays that most of the malls and community buildings in
    Thohoyandou were destined for Malamulele, but something went horribly
    wrong along the way! I'll cite Hollywood, though I don't really know
    where it is.

    also don't get why the national road from Polokwane to Kruger National
    Park had to take a detour instead of passing through Elim, then
    Malamulele, to the Punda Maria gate. That would have done so much for
    Malamulele's economy.

    Here are some examples that Vembe is (as
    was meant to be) a Venda stronghold. This Wikipedia article quotes Venda
    as the dominant language in all 4 municipalities.

    Malamulele a municipality does not imply that we do away with all
    cooperation with people from Thohoyandou, as we'd still be in the same

    I mean, the district is appropriately called Vhembe
    (not Vembe), there's nothing cooperative in that. In only a few reports
    do they mention that Thulamela was home to Venda and Shangaan people,
    and to show that they don't know us or are not interested in us, they
    call us Shangaans! All the other times it's Vendas, forgeting that the
    Rozvi are the Valoyi people.

    If the people of Thohoyandou want
    to cooperate, they can do it from the district municipality level, or
    provincial level, or business-wise.

    Malamulele Town has been
    reduced to a village. Malamulele is not even on the map. Heck, I can't
    even add my town on Facebook! Now I find myself trying to decide whether
    I'm from Thohoyandou or Giyani!

    Vendas are claiming the
    Zoutpansberg area, with statements like the Mangombe (Madzivhangombe)
    mountain in Giyani is Venda territory. I mean, a swa ha lavi rivoni.

    was counting the 107 villages in Malamulele, and somewhere around 90, I
    couldn't decide whether Khakhan'wa is in Malamulele or Thohoyandou!
    It's obviously in Malamulele, ka Mavambe, but just because it's mixed I
    thought, the Vendas will never agree to this being true.

    Villages are now prefixed with "Ha-". I mean, really now!

    plausible that Malamulele could have 500 000 inhabitants. You only need
    an average population of 5000. The villages are large from the grouping
    of people (called malayini). Though the Malamulele area is large, the
    settlement in the homesteads is not sparse at all. Areas of different
    chiefs are meeting up. The Mbhalati, Mudavula, Mulamula and Mukhomi
    areas are almost one. New village-size sections (miganga) are created
    every day.

    Gumbani, Phaphazela and Mukhomi are under one chief,
    Hosi Mukhomi, but Phaphazela and Gumbani are in a different ward. How do
    you separate a chief from his people?

    At the end of the day, it's not about what makes sense, it's about who has more power or force to swing things in his way.

  • Avatar
    Emmanuel Liabara 7 years ago

    Tsanwi.....i think you being too much emotional, we need to approach this kind of issue in a very professional manner, I think the only point we can stick on here is the issue of distance and concentration, clearly everyone can see that Thulamela Municipality is much focusing on nothern side of the area.

    There is a need for a formation of a commitee in Malamulele, which will only be focusing on the issue of establishing Malamulele Municipality, We do have organisations , Political parties respresentatives and traditional leaders who can stand as one thing and build such commitee,

  • Avatar
    Emmanuel Liabara 7 years ago

    Without even clashin, we realy need a municipality in Malamulele, this will also create jobs for us. for this dream to come come true, I think we should fight together with the Thulamela Municipality, we can not continu alarming without doing somethin/action, a proposal need to be compiled and submitted to the Vhembe District Municipality, and avoid rasing the issue of vhavenda employment but strictly focus on the issue of service delivery.

    I have been in Malamulele several times, its like a lost nation, and the reason why people still buy at thoyandou is because there are no enaough shops there, the only way to attract shops in a town is when you establish a government centre. 

  • Avatar
    Thembani Joseph 7 years ago

    Mr Richard Baloyi is talking nonsence now we will vote anybody out who is not supporting Malamulele to stands on its own, counting from thulamela municipality, vhembe district upwards.

    Venda people destroyed our parliament from Giyani so that they can do all this rubbish within their own management. even distribution of Tenders u can see that something is happening.

    Now skandal is over vhembe district, our Tsongas are being bribed to keep quiet mean while we were thinking that they are our leaders.

    Lets vote them out starting with.....

  • Avatar
    Tsanwi 7 years ago

    Musa, Shumela Venda is an old motto of the the then  so-called Republic of Venda, let us be factual. Yes there are people with cars written Shumela Venda, it does not mean all of us subscribe to that bantustan mentality. 
    You are right when you say Thulamela is very big, that we can agree and it is impacting negatively on development and service delivery.

    Though the Administration is ineffective, we need not exaggerate things as Thohoyandou was largely developed by its founding fathers before 1994, undemocratic as they were. 90% of what you see in terms of government infrastructure was there before 1994. Without the Mphephu-Ravele Administration with all its badness Thohoyandou would not be the way you see it now.

    All other reasons except for tribalism are valid, tribalism will take us backwards, regardless of where it is coming from tribalism is very bad. There is nothing that justifies a heap of insults levelled even at those that had no part in the merging of the two.

    We will continue to support a just cause for the development of Malamulele and its surrounding villages.

  • Avatar
    Timmy Khethani 7 years ago

    Where does this Dr Nkuna get the figures of Malamulele
    having a population of 500 000 ? Or is this a typing error? I'm sure they
    wanted to say 50 000. Is this guy aware that the whole Limpopo provice has a
    population of about 5 million people? Is he now telling us that Malamulele
    population is 10% that of Limpopo ?  This is a big lie that will fool only a few people.

     The only motivation for this people wanting their own
    municipality is that people see municipalities as another easy way of stealing
    from the public. Those in the forefront of this tribalistic crusade are there
    only to serve their narrow selfish interests. All they can think of are the
    tenders they will get from the new municipality and the possibility of becoming
    big men in the munic where they call the shots and dispense political patronage.


  • Avatar
    Musa Khosa 7 years ago

    This problem is need to be attended so quickly, even your ministers in the national government they know that Malamulele will never stand on its own, that is why they have just sent their messenger Baloyi to address us in the language that will all understand. The decision was already taken, they just sent Baloyi to see the mood of people around Malamulele community.

    I am advicing Dr Mtileni to think about the next step. This is not the time of baging service delivery to the corrupted Thulamela...they are treating us as non South Africans we also deserve the best just like yours

  • Avatar
    Musa Khosa 7 years ago

    I think this is not the issue of tribalism, it has nothing to do with tribalism but truly speaking Malamulele is far behind concerning service delivery, infrustructure, and even development since it fall under Thulamela Municipality. As we all know that Thulamela is very much big, seconnd in the country, obviously the service delivery is poor.

    secondly, there is also a problem in the issue of jobs around Malamulele, all departments and even security officers are from Venda, meaning that there is Nepotism. This Thulamela municipality is failing us you want to tell me that we do not have security officers, and traffic officers around Malamulele.

    Government must react quickily we are neglected by this poor municipality. After the next elections, government must avoid giving jobs to people who are just combrades without skills, they must ensure jobs to the well educated people because they are cossing nothing than "Ritshurhi na Musi"

    I do remember I have been told that people of Malamulele must forget about service delivery, before they make Thohoyandou to become a big city. This Thulamela of yours is pap they are following their slogan that says " Ri shumela Venda" in the democratic country. Malamulele desrve to stand on its own................

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    Tsanwi 7 years ago

    A municipality should never be established on the premise of  bantustanism, tribalism or ethnicity. Right from the onset there have been prophets of doom who were against Thohoyandou , Malamulele being incorporated into one municipality. A lot was spoken on how the "Vendas" would serve their own selfish interests. One very prominent figure even suggested then that it would be better for them to be incorporated to Giyani. History tells us that Shangaans and Vendas used to live side by side, peacefully until the apatheid regime decided to severe the relationship through the establishment of the homelands. It is for the proponents of  Malamulele Municipality to assure the world that memories of the then Gazankulu homeland are not playing a greater part in this regard.

    Guys at the old Agriven building (Thulamela) cannot spared the rod either. Their below average service delivery in Malamulele and the surrounding areas cannot be condoned. They have been engaged in the "choping and changing" of a town that simply has no more space to expand, whilst failing to capitalise on the fact that Malamulele has vast spaces to establish a world class town. This is unacceptable as it makes pessimists to stand on the roof top and proclaim that "we told you so Vendas will always cheat the Shangaans".

    Whatever the government decides, playing in the hands of tribalism and bantustanism will create a very dangerous precedent and that is: "former venda for vendas only and former gazankulu for shangaans only", and by so doing the whole country will follow suit, the results of which will be that we will be exactly where we were before 1994.

    Division of Thulamela should be based on service delivery and former homeland boundaries should be avoided at all costs.

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The writing is on the wall ... people are saying it loudly and clearly that they want their own municipality.
Min Baloyi addresses residents during the meeting. With him in the photo are the mayor of Thulamela, Cllr Grace Mahosi (left), and the deputy chairperson of the House of Traditional Leaders in Vhembe, Hosi Eric Mudavula.


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