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Relief to areas without water to help fight Covid-19

News - Date: 02 April 2020

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The Department of Water and Sanitation has donated four water trucks and 132 water tanks (10 000 litres each) to the Vhembe District Municipality (VDM) in order to fight Covid-19.

One of the water tanks was handed over at Ha-Ramantsha village (Ward 22) under the Makhado Local Municipality. Ward Councillor, Ms Grace Matlodi, indicated that from the year 2000 when the residential sites were extended there was no water supply. People used to walk for four kilometres to fetch water.

“We are very grateful for the installation of the water tank because elderly people and persons with disability were having serious challenges when it comes to the prevention of the coronavirus,” said Matlodi in a press release issued by the VDM.

In the press release, Ms Lucy Kobe (provincial head of the department) explained that they are providing water tanks so that community members can be able to wash their hands regularly as a way to prevent the spread of coronavirus. “We request community members to take care of the tank because they belong to them for now and the future. We have brought in 132 water tanks and we will assess the situation if more tanks are needed. Then we will add other tanks. Community members will no longer walk long distances because water will be next to them,” said Kobe.

VDM executive mayor Cllr Dowelani Nenguda highlighted that water tanks will be supplied in all four local municipalities in areas without water. The tanks will be used on a permanent basis until this areas receives water supply from the Nandoni Dam or other water projects. Thulamela Municipality will receive 37 tanks, Makhado Municipality will get 35 tanks, Musina Municipality will receive 35 tanks while the Collins Chabane Municipality will get 25 water tanks.

“We request residents to wash their hands hence we are bringing water tanks and they must also take care of the tanks and protect them. We are working together with the department to bring service to the people,” said Nenguda.

The executive mayor of the Vhembe District Municipality, Cllr Dowelani Nenguda, digging the foundation for one of the 10 000 litre water tanks that will be installed at Ha-Ramantsha village under the Makhado Municipality. The tank is one of the 132 tanks donated by the Department of Water and Sanitation in areas without water in order to assist in the prevention of Covid-19. Photo: Vhembe District Municipality.




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