The quadruplets have grown up in Khubvi. From left are Urangani, Uhone,
Ipfi and Tondani. Photo: Lithole Photos.

Khubvi quads are now in Grade 8, but face many challenges

News - Date: 09 June 2024


In the year 2010, Ms Patricia Ambani was blessed with quadruplets. The Limpopo Mirror was one of the first media houses to visit the family and published the headline story. Urangani, Uhone, Tondani (a girl), and Ipfi, from Khubvi outside Thohoyandou, were born in September 2010.

The birth of the four touched the hearts of many and attracted a lot of attention to the sleepy village of Khubvi outside Thohoyandou. People, community structures, organisations, government departments, and officials came in droves and made numerous promises and pledges to assist the family. Almost 14 years since their birth, very few of the pledges have been fulfilled.

Three of them are now in Grade 8, while Ipfi is repeating Grade 7. As they grow, their needs also grow. Limpopo Mirror traced the children and their family in Khubvi to find out how they have progressed and how the family is coping. The paper was told of the hardships the family is facing in raising the children.

We also learnt that the many promises and pledges by officials and departments were not honoured. The children’s uncle, Mr Humbulani Netshitungulu, said the family found taking care of all the children hard as they survive on their mother's income, who is a security officer.

“After the birth of these children, there were so many visitors who came to wish the family well. I still remember Health MEC Merriam Sekgabutla brought along nappies and promised more support. Vhembe Mayor Tshitereke Matibe also pledged support to the kids. They all vanished, never to return.”

Some businesspeople who had not pledged anything during the welcoming of the children came and are making a difference to the children. One local businessman, Mr Benjie Netshisahu, gave a monthly stipend of R500 to the children, until he passed away. His son continued for some time but has since stopped.

“Another businessman, Mr Siala Netshishivhe of the Adziambei Foundation, built the family a house in 2020.We are very appreciative of all the help we got since the children were born, but we are still waiting for those other promises to be fulfilled,” Netshitungulu said.

He added that the family needed assistance more than before. "The children are growing up, and their needs have increased. They need money for stationery, clothing, and cash to carry to school. The family's woes have been compounded by the death of the children's father, who passed away this year. His estate is complicated as he was married to other wives. As a result, the other two older children were forced to drop out of college as the mother could not pay for them. The children desperately need help. Taking care of six children is not easy," Netshitungulu said.



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