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How to trim the entire region

News in brief - Date: 10 February 2019

Written by: Phathutshedzo Luvhengo / Viewed: 690


From an old-style shave to a contemporary German cut, Mr Engedzani Mukono (31) is the master of it all.

With the high rate of unemployment in the country, particularly among young people, the father of two from Mauluma village in Nzhelele resorted to his hobby to generate an income and sustain himself.

His journey started when he was still a young boy studying at Velelambeu Secondary School, and today his barber shop attracts clients from all over the region.

With a smile on his face, Mukono recalls how it all started out. “At the time I wanted to generate an income for myself,” he says as he continues to cut the hair of a client. His father and grandfather used to cut hair, which gave him a bit of a “head”-start. “This is where I learnt the basics of cutting hair, long before we could use these new cutting machines,” he says.

Usually barber shops do not operate for too long in a region, but Mukono defies the stereotype and has proven that this business can be started and sustained by anyone. He sticks to talent and resorts to consistency for sustainability and continues to groom people, young and old.

He reckons that cutting hair is an art that needs to be nurtured and sustained. He learnt this art from his father and grandfather, who were known by young people for the manner in which they cut hair.

“His father used to cut our hair back then. I remember that during the Christmas season, before we went out to show off our new clothes, we passed by his home for a clean haircut. At the time we looked great, as his father was the best,” says a client, Mr Ramaanda Raphalalani.

He says his business, which has been operational for well over a decade, is doing well and he takes exceptional care of his clients. “I work for seven days a week. People trim their hair even on Sundays. It is only when I am sick that I cannot do the job,” he says.


Engedzani Mukono trims the hair of a long-time client. 



Phathutshedzo Luvhengo


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