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Pro Heed injured in car accident

News in brief - Date: 12 June 2021

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“I’m grateful to all my fans from all corners of the country who sent me messages of support and a speedy recovery. This clearly demonstrates that there are a lot of people who love me out there. When I fully recover, I will reward my fans with the best of entertainment to thank them for their kind hearts.”

These are the words of Sedzani Stanley Sigebe, of Hamukununde-Tshamutavha village in the Niani area. Better known as Pro Heed in the entertainment industry, the prolific star was involved in a car accident in Gauteng last week and rumours were going around that he was so seriously injured that he would not be able to perform anymore.

Pro Heed, who is highly regarded in the Ven Rap fraternity, said that observing his birthday in pain had been difficult. “I had some head, neck, and arm injuries, but I thank God because He spared my life. I wouldn’t long for anything else from the Almighty because He showed me His greatness when I was supposed to celebrate my birthday. I am happy that I’m still alive, and I believe that God has spared my life for a reason.”

Despite the accident, Pro Heed said he managed to release his extended play (EP) as planned. “The accident happened just a day before I released my EP, but my team worked hard to make sure that everything went on as planned. I really thank and appreciate my team for being there for me even when things were bad for me. This is what happens when you have a good working relationship with your colleagues in the entertainment industry.”

He said he was recovering well and hoped to get back on his feet soon. “I make my bread from the entertainment industry, but my heath comes first. The doctors have advised me to rest for a few weeks, so that I can fully recover,” he said. Pro Heed also owns Pro Heed TV and Radio Agency, which has produced many television and radio personalities.


Sedzani Stanley Sigebe, better known as Pro Heed in the entertainment industry, is recovering well after he was involved in a car accident. Photo supplied.




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