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Your R350 Covid grant can help you start farming, says Mbedzi

News in brief - Date: 11 September 2021

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A young farmer from Musina wants to use his experience and knowledge to assist young, unemployed people to benefit from the monthly R350 Covid-19 social relief grant by starting their own farming projects as a means to fight poverty.

Emmanuel Mbedzi (26) says the monthly grant is enough for someone who is dedicated to start a farming project, and he is willing to assist them all the way - from planning to profit.

Mbedzi, who farms with pigs, goats, Indian quails, chickens, and ducks, says young people have no reason to complain about unemployment when they get a grant from the government every month. They must use it wisely. He offers to help five young people to get their own farming projects under way, at no cost.

“I started from scratch. Those who get the monthly social relief grant are very fortunate. I need the first batch of at least five young people who are serious about farming, so that I can help them realise their dreams. Any type of farming project can bring changes to their lives, as long as they have the love of farming at heart. The challenge is that most of the young people think farming is difficult because you have to toil in the sun all day long. Farming is very good because there are rewards for the hard work of those who are dedicated,” said the young farmer, who supplies his products to individuals and shops around Musina.

He said the prospective young farmers that he wanted to assist did not have to start big. “Even a small backyard farming project can make a very big difference in people’s lives. We just have to start small, and things will grow bigger as we soldier on. I also started small, with the assistance of other people, and this is my time to plough back to my beloved community,” Mbedzi said.

Mbedzi can be contacted on 072 198 7221.


Emmanuel Mbedzi (26), a young farmer from Musina, wants to help unemployed youths to realize their dreams.




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