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News in brief - Date: 21 May 2022

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For most motorcyclists, riding is for fun, but for the Beitbridge Motorcycle Club, far more is involved. The club was established with one common aim among its 25 members: to help disadvantaged people within their community. The members donate and collect money, which is used to buy food, clothing and other basic needs for those who cannot sustain themselves.

What is remarkable is how this noble cause inspires others in such a way that the club keeps growing every year with new members who wish to be a part of this community-development initiative.

According to the president of the Beitbridge Motorcycle Club, Evans Rubza Mudau of Musina, the club was established in 2016 with only three members. “We agreed then to come up with something that would uplift our community. When we started distributing food and clothing to several shelters in Musina, other bikers joined us, and that led to the formalisation of the club. Our members are from Musina, Louis Trichardt, Mokopane and Johannesburg. Each one has a riding name printed on his jacket upon joining the club.”

Mudau, who’s riding name is ‘Die Hard’, said that, besides helping the local communities in need, the club also did their share in promoting the tourism industry as they often rode long distances together. “In 2018, we rode our motorcycles to Masvingo, Zimbabwe, to pay a visit to our fellow-riders at the Zimbabwe Riders Club. We have also ridden to Johannesburg in Gauteng, Mbombela in Mpumalanga and nearer places, like Louis Trichardt, Polokwane, Tzaneen, Giyani and Mokopane. The club also offers social cohesion as we meet regularly, especially over long holidays, to deliberate on matters affecting the growth of the club.”

He felt encouraged to see that people have an interest in their club. They receive many invitations to grace community gatherings. “Some invite us to their wedding ceremonies, parties and even funerals of their loved ones. The presence of the motorcycles at these events somehow makes it more memorable to people. The little that we get from these invitations supplement the money we then contribute towards helping the community.”

Mashudu Mphaphuli is the newest member of the Beitbridge Motorcycle Club. He said: “I am happy to be a part of this nation-building initiative and it was an honour to receive my motorcycle pullover jacket with my riding name, ‘King M’, embroidered on it.”


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The newest member of the Beitbridge Motorcycle Club, Mashudu Mphaphuli (left), receives his jacket from the club’s president, Evans Rubza Mudau. Photo supplied.





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