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Musina councillor dies

News - Date: 01 March 2013

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The sudden passing away of Cllr Jenitta Banda (42) has left the entire community of Musina in a state of shock. Banda was a very popular and well-respected member of the council.

The bad news has been met with sadness by fellow councillors, municipal staff members and ordinary people across the boundaries of the council. As an emerging businesswoman, Cllr Banda was known to work tirelessly to uplift the lives of poverty-stricken families living in the area. She could be found at all hours assisting residents with one matter or another.

Banda, who had been ill for some time, was buried according to strict Muslim custom during an exclusive service that was held at her house on Wednesday last week. The funeral service was followed on Saturday by a memorial service.

Being a proportional representative (PR) councillor for the African Christian Democratic Party, Banda was well respected for being outspoken and she did not fear standing up and speaking on behalf of the people she represented. Mayor Carol Phiri said she was saddened by the news of councillor Banda’s death. She said: "It's a sad loss to the council and a sad loss to the family. All our sympathy goes to her family and friends. Cllr Banda had immeasurable civic pride and was a huge asset to this municipality. She was a hard worker and very fair in her job. We always had great pleasure working with her.”

Phiri said Banda was a true champion and servant of the local community that many would love to emulate. “She sought no glory. In saluting her, we commit ourselves to picking up the baton and continuing the legacy she has left behind. Her contributions in building a better community for Musina will always be remembered. What moves through us now is silence and sadness. We may not understand why she left this earth so soon, or why she left before we were ready to say goodbye, but little by little, we begin to remember not just that she died, but that she lived. Her life gave us memories too beautiful to forget."

The late Cllr Jenitta Banda (42)


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