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Huge clean-up campaign at the northern border

News - Date: 02 October 2016

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The councillor responsible for community services at the Musina Municipality, Mr Titus Netshipale, highlighted the dangers of littering and illegal dumping during the clean-up campaign at the Beit Bridge border post last Thursday.

The campaign targeted the border post as a port of entry that gives travelers their first impression of the country when they arrive in South Africa.

Netshipale said it was important to equip community members with knowledge of waste management, recycling and re-use of products. “It is also important to note that illegal dumping is a criminal offence that is a very serious health hazard. We encourage our people to refrain from littering because it can badly affect community health.”  

Netshipale said it was very effective to raise people's awareness through demonstration. “That is why we embarked on a practical experience by going all out to clean up the area around this beautiful port of entry.” He said the problem of littering affected everyone and it was important to deal with it accordingly. “People must make sure that their trash is secured in the proper receptacle. This means putting all trash in the dustbins and properly sealing your garbage containers. Business owners should also educate their employees by placing anti-litter signs next to their businesses. They must also encourage their employees to take pride in their work place by keeping it litter-free."

He said litter created ugliness in public places, including streets, parks and waterways and impacted on real-estate values. “Litter can kill aquatic life and decrease oxygen levels when it decays in water. Most litter can be recycled, which not only protects the environment, but saves our natural resources.”

Netshipale thanked municipal workers, travelers, business owners, volunteers and community members who took part in the clean-up campaign.

Participants set an example during the border clean-up campaign at Beit Bridge last week.


Working towards a cleaner environment are some of the workers at the Beit Bridge border post.


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