Ms Nakisani Munarini is to host the first ever Miss Masia Tshipuseni beauty contest in the village in December. Photo supplied.

Miss Makhado Royal 2022 ploughs back into her community

Entertainment - Date: 18 November 2023


When 23-year-old Nakisani Munarini won the entrepreneurship title at the Miss Makhado Royal Pageant in 2022, she pledged to contribute to improvements in her home village, Hamasia Tshipuseni. Staying true to her word, the Univen bachelor of environmental science graduate, in collaboration with the Thusalushaka Foundation, is set to host the village’s inaugural beauty pageant in December, generating great excitement and anticipation among the villagers.

Entries for the Miss Masia Tshipuseni pageant opened on 15 August, with girls having until 5 December to participate. Contestants will compete in two categories: Miss Teen (ages 5-12 years) and Miss Masia Tshipuseni (ages 13-28 years).

The winner of Miss Masia Tshipuseni 2023 will receive R1,000 in cash and a sash, while the first princess takes home R600 and a sash, and the second princess R400 and a sash. Miss Teen Queen will be awarded R500 in cash and a sash, with the first and second princesses each receiving a sash. The finals are scheduled for Hamasia Tshipuseni on 9 December.

Reflecting on her own experiences growing up in a rural village, Munarini highlighted the challenges she faced in breaking into the world of beauty pageants. “Being born in a rural setting is a big disadvantage. There are no facilities, and information about such activities is very hard to find. I am trying to make things easier for the girls in my community to participate in beauty pageants. I am sharing the few skills I have acquired during my participation in the Miss Makhado Royal 2022 contest. I was helped by many other people, and now it is time to repay the debt,” she explained.


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