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Keep up to date with news, advises Anza Mulaudzi


Radio presenter Anza Mulaudzi (24) is slowly but surely working her way to the top. The talented presenter, who hosts the Science and Technology Show on Makhado FM, is making waves in the radio space. Mulaudzi’s show airs on Wednesdays between 14:00 and 15:00. On Saturdays, she also hosts the Tsivhudzo Show between 9:00 and 12:00.

Mulaudzi, who hails from Hamashau, started her primary schooling at Mathothe and completed her Grade 12 at Maligana High School. She also obtained a bachelor of arts degree in media studies at the University of Venda. “I remember I used to stay home until late, listening to the radio. Something about it always left me fascinated. It was like I had an obsession, not knowing that one day I would end up in the broadcasting industry,” she said.

Her radio career started in 2021 when she joined Univen FM, where she stayed for only six months. She then took a break before starting at Makhado FM in October this year. She admits that, at first, things were challenging. “But when you do something that you love and are passionate about, you start to enjoy everything about it,” she said.

When asked about the qualities a radio presenter should have, she said: “Be authentic, because people love to listen to presenters who are genuine. Be proud of who you are and where you come from. You must be creative and know how to manage time.”

Mulaudzi also quickly realised that you have to be well prepared before going on air. “I do research about what I have to present or read about. I must be knowledgeable enough to avoid misinforming people. I make sure that I jot things down while doing the research, so that I keep a script with me for references. Building a strong and long-lasting relationship with the listeners is important,” she said.

Mulaudzi encourages young people always to keep themselves up to date with current affairs, so that they do not remain ignorant in a society where knowledge plays such an essential role. “Ignorance is no excuse. Youths need to take full responsibility for their own lives, or else they will find themselves living unfulfilled lives,” she said.


Entertainment - Date: 24 November 2023

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