Author Solani Nkuna from Tiyani village in Magoro recently published her debut anthology of poems to address the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse. Photo supplied.

Author Nkuna takes a stand against alcohol and drug abuse


A 42-year-old author, Solani Nkuna from Tiyani village in Magoro, published her anthology of poems a fortnight ago. Her debut work, titled “Xihlovo Xa Vutomi” (The Fountain of Life), is not merely a collection of words on paper but a bold stand against the pervasive issue of substance abuse among the youth.

Nkuna, with a passion that burns brighter than ever, addresses the pressing concerns of alcohol and drug abuse. Published by Writers Corner Institute, her book consists of 38 poems that focus on advising the youth, particularly on the issue of drug and alcohol abuse.

“After drinking the traditional beer called xipoliyani, they no longer focus on anything besides getting drunk, and most of them lose their appetite for food. If they continue drinking the same alcohol, we won’t have future leaders. What is sad is that we live near a police station, and the police seem not to be doing anything about it,” she said.

She said that she started having a passion for writing in Grade 9 some years ago, but in 2019, she decided to take her passion seriously. “I penned several books, but they were not published as I did not have a publisher. These poems are fitting for any Tsonga-speaking person eager to read and learn from this poetry collection due to its broader content covering social, economic, political, and family matters,” she said.

Nkuna explained that she wrote the book to share the knowledge and wisdom that God had given her with others, especially the youth. “I long to inspire young people to refrain from abusing alcohol and drugs before they become tomorrow's leaders. Since the book was published, I have been receiving overwhelming support,” she said.


Entertainment - Date: 25 November 2023

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