Pencil artist Khodani Phuluwa from Gondeni ļaha Mabilu impresses art lovers with his drawings. Photo supplied.

Pencil artist Khodani mesmerizes art lovers


Khodani Phuluwa of Gondeni ha Mabilu is a talented pencil artist who has captured the hearts of art enthusiasts with his remarkable creations. The 21-year-old Phuluwa’s art skills, honed during his childhood years, now support his family, and his stunning creations adorn the walls of his satisfied clients.

Using only pencils as his medium, Khodani's artwork transcends the ordinary, drawing viewers into a world of beauty and imagination. Each stroke of his pencil breathes life into his subjects, whether the piece is a stunning landscape, a portrait bursting with emotion, or a vibrant scene from everyday life.

Khodani explained how his love of art was sparked some years back when he was in Grade 1 at Mabilu Primary School. “Our teacher asked us to draw a picture of our family, and I drew mine, which was considered one of the best. From then on, I started loving art. I didn’t have an idea that one day art could earn me a living. I joined lots of competitions at school, such as the Visual Arts competition in 2011, and took the first position, which also made me start taking my art seriously,” he said.

He said that after passing Grade 7, he started working with some of his friends, such as aspiring artist Vhangani Raliphaswa, also known as Rhalis Kwv Artist, who assisted him in sharpening his skills until he matriculated at Frans Rasimphi Secondary School. Phuluwa is currently completing his business management studies at Thekwini City College.

“Due to financial problems, I couldn't study art, but I am still looking to pursue it because that’s what I love. I appreciate the overwhelming support from my clients, although some don’t pay,” he said.


Entertainment - Date: 28 March 2024

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