Thulani Mabunda, affectionately known as Thulls Art from Xitlhelani in Malamulele, with artist Tyler ICU whom he impressed with his exceptional artwork. Photo supplied.

Musicians captivated by Thulani’s unique artwork


The artwork of Thulani Mabunda, affectionately known as Thulls Art from Xitlhelani in Malamulele, has captured the attention of musicians both locally and afar, including Henny C, Murumba Pitch, and Tyler ICU. Known for his drawing skills, Mabunda has recently emerged as a focal point for artists seeking inspiration, with his talent stealing the spotlight.

As a self-taught artist, Mabunda’s creations, particularly his unique portraits of people, resonate deeply with both the soul and the senses. His artwork has found its way into the hearts of many, drawn to the depth and emotion conveyed in each piece.

Reflecting on his journey, Mabunda told Limpopo Mirror that his passion for art began during his time at Magangeni Primary School, where he admired his peers’ drawings and began teaching himself to draw by using a pencil. “I then started to experiment with various pens and crayons, gradually improving my skills as more people praised my artwork,” he said.

After completing his Grade 12 at the E.P.P. Mhinga Secondary School in 2019, he enrolled for a degree in psychology and criminology at the University of Limpopo. “But I dropped out in 2022, realising that my heart wasn’t in the course,” he said.

Mabunda’s art is not limited to paper or canvas. He also decorates shoes in an unbelievably stunning manner. Tyler ICU, a DJ and record producer from Tembisa, Gauteng, described Mabunda’s work as “a masterpiece for the eyes.”

As Mabunda’s reputation continues to grow, so does the demand for his artwork. “Most of my clients tell me that my art is out of this world when I deliver their pieces,” he said.

Encouraged by the support of musicians, Mabunda is motivated to continue honing his craft and making a living through his art. “I am also planning to open an art gallery in future, so that I can continue teaching young ones interested in art,” he said.


Entertainment - Date: 14 April 2024

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