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The long and the short is that true love knows no limits

News - Date: 17 October 2021

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If you feel self-conscious about your body shape and how people look at you, just ask Glen Madiba (29) how he deals with the attention he attracts wherever he goes as one of the tallest people in South Africa.

Madiba is an impressive 2,1m tall and has the nickname ‘Beans’. He said that what became clear from his early schooldays was that he would be taller than those around him. “I was always the tallest in my class; from my crèche-days, when I attended Mbaleni Primary School, to the day I passed my matric at Mphaphuli High School. At first, I was teased about my height by some of the kids at school, but they ended up accepting me as I am.”

Although he is very proud of his height, he admits that finding clothes and shoes that fit properly can sometimes be a challenge for him. He wears a size-11 shoe.

Madiba was born third out of six children at Maniini and currently lives at Miluwani near Sibasa. The always-smiling Bolt driver said: “Yes, I’m very tall, but I’m happy and accept myself as I am. God created all of us in his image and I am proud that I am created in his image. I am like any other person and there is nothing wrong with me. I love myself and thank God that He has given me so much confidence.”

This gentle giant says he wants to use his God-given height to contribute to community-building initiatives. “If there are community structures, businesses and individuals who want to partner with me in various projects, awareness campaigns, promotions or make me a brand ambassador, I’m readily available to jump in. Some people are using their gifts to build their communities, and I feel that this is the perfect time for me to do so.”

Madiba’s 1,5m-tall girlfriend, Pfunzo Mukwevho (23) from Ha-Radali village, said she met her sweetheart in 2018 and they fell in love at first sight. The couple have an 11-month-old child, named Urilinde. “We are madly in love, and he treats me like a queen. I never regret loving him because he is a responsible person who makes sure that I stay happy every moment of my life. We feel very proud when people stop us in shopping centres, asking to take some pictures with us. We are the happiest couple on earth, and we will never be separated by anything,” she beamed.


Glen “Beans” Madiba and his girlfriend, Pfunzo Mukwevho, are madly in love, despite their difference in height. Photo supplied.




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