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“Our rainy day has arrived”

News in brief - Date: 26 March 2020

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Following President Ramaphosa’s State of the Nation Address on Monday, 23 March, announcing that the nation will be on lockdown from midnight on 26 March to 16 April 2020, the management committee at the SPCA Louis Trichardt have held a strategy meeting, concluding that the wellbeing of their staff and volunteers are just as highly valued as the welfare of the animals in their care.

“However, we would like to assure the public that we remain just as dedicated to our core mandate - The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals,” said the committee. 

As per the official correspondence received from the South African Government (Minister Ebrahim Patel’s media briefing - Remarks by Minister of Trade, Industry and Competition, 24 March 2020), animal welfare and emergency veterinary services are deemed essential and were included in the Gazetted list. “Thus the SPCA Louis Trichardt staff will remain on the premises during the lockdown period and they are committed to care for our animals and ensure that all their needs are taken care of. Another stringent health and safety measure we will need to put in place, is that general visitations to the kennels will not be permitted during the lockdown period.  The SCPA Louis Trichardt will only be open to new admissions, collection of stray animals by their owners and emergencies. Our Inspector, Lawrence Khodobo, will avail himself to assist in pro-active investigations, cruelty complaints and easing suffering of any animals in distress,” said the committee.

Unfortunately, for the time being, adoptions will be placed on hold.  “We cannot risk cross contamination when conducting home inspections. But, rest assured, the team will continue to remind you who we have available to be adopted and if any of the precious souls catch your eye, we can still process applications via email (just send us your details via a personal message on our Facebook page). The checks and homecomings will only have to wait a little while. We do have a couple of happy tales that we will be announcing in the next few days, so you’ll still get your SPCA Louis Trichardt feel-good-fix!” said the committee.

The committee said they realise that there will be tough times ahead for the entire nation, but they implore people to please continue to support the SPCA Louis Trichardt during the lockdown and during the time it may take them to recover.  “A really big THANK YOU to everyone who has already made contributions and donations. We greatly appreciate your generosity and kindness. Currently, we have enough food stock-piled to care for the number of animals in our care (but please remember that the numbers are ever increasing), so food donations are still always very welcome,” said the committee.

Truth be told though, said the committee, their main concern at this present moment is the state of their bank account.  “We have needed to postpone our annual Golf Day (new date must still be determined and will be announced in due time), which was a function that could pull us through a couple of months in the past.  Without this income, we are facing the possibility that we might not be able to pay our invaluable staff their well-earned salaries! Our monthly running costs consists of more than just ensuring that the animals have full bellies. We need to scrub the kennels with costly chemicals and have a veterinarian dispense medicine or perform procedures when required. We need to keep the lights on, so to say, continue to be in touch and be able to get to where we need to be,” said the committee.

Donations can be paid into the SPCA Louis Trichardt’s Standard Bank cheque account number 282 374 639 (branch code 05 25 49). “If you can find it in your hearts to SPARE AND SHARE - we’d be eternally grateful!  We need our community now more than ever. Our RAINY DAY has well and truly arrived…” said the committee.




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