Uncle Sol Mashimbye 9 months ago

What a tragic loss,this should be happening in all schools before exams.preparing leaners for results which should be a counselling sessions by educators to learners,I understand that social workers won't manage to go to all schools but at least two or so educators in each and every school must be trained to take this important results preparations to learners.when we say results it's either pass or fail and both have to be accepted by learners and the need to prepare the learners.learners must understand to handle their own results and those of their peers in order to manage peer pressure,the do's and the don'ts.taking your own life is not a solution as it hurts those who are left behind,there are so many challenges in life and adults must learn to understand that we all just breathing but with an abundance of challenges but let's not think of them as problems but challenges because we can overcome challenges but it's only God who can set the timeframes when to overcome them,and challenges are the exercise of brains and God will equal each an every individual his/her challenges that match ones wits.say everyone expose his/her challenges one can say yes mine is better and live on but it's obviously impossible we just have to ignite it to our brains to carry on with our lives.

May their soul please rest in peace.