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Waardasierol hoog op SBBV se agenda

News: 29 August 2014 By Linda van der Westhuizen
Die huidige waardasierol, of die gebrek aan ‘n “wettige” waardasierol, was een van die belangrikste besprekingspunte by die algemene jaarvergadering van die Soutpansberg Belastingbetalersvereninging (SBBV).

Adv Ailwei Mushavhanamadi laid to rest

News: 29 August 2014 By Elmon Tshikhudo
The former top-cop-turned-legal-counsel and later risk and security head at Univen, Adv Ailwei Mushavhanamadi, who was laid to rest at the weekend, was described as a brilliant, loyal, outstanding and dedicated employee of the university.


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Wildlife photo exhibition
Where: Makhado Crossing in Makhado (Louis Trichardt)
Start: 23 Aug
End:  06 Sep
Agapé African Choir
Where: Agapé Christian Centre in 90 Munnik Street, Makhado (Louis Trichardt)
Start: 05 Sep
End:  06 Sep
Dopper Lentekermis
Where: Gereformeerde Kerk, Louis Trichardt
Start: 06 Sep
AP Kerk pretdag
Where: Hengelparadys by die Albasinidam
Start: 06 Sep
Where: Kamp Aquila, 56 km buite Makhado (Louis Trichardt) op die Vivo-pad
Start: 12 Sep
End:  14 Sep
NG Levubu basaar
Where: NG Kerk Levubu-gemeente kerkterrein
Start: 13 Sep  (08:30 AM)

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